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How it Works

Whether you are an established plant-based business or new start-up looking for increased client numbers & revenue or an individual searching for delicious, healthy, cruelty-free meal options in your local area, VegReg is the perfect solution.

With the number of vegan, plant-based and veg-curious individuals on continual rise, VegReg aims at supporting regional businesses and connecting individuals with certified VegReg plant-based eateries.

The team behind VegReg have discovered the benefits of a plant-based diet for themselves - both personally and environmentally. Not content to keep these incredibly positive discoveries to themselves, they have developed VegReg to share this incredibly beneficial lifestyle choice with an expansive audience

For Plant-Based Businesses, Vegans or Simply the Conscious, Veg-Curious Consumer


VegReg has brought together passionate, plant-based individuals from across the world. Each with our own unique skills in marketing, technology & creativity, our team also lives & breathes plant-based living & conscious lifestyle. 

Each in our own way, we have united in a bid to help improve the health of others, environmental ecology & sustainability & the wellbeing of animals.

We have learned the many benefits of plant-based eating - to people, planet & creatures - now we want to share it with the world.


Veganism & plant-based living is being rapidly adopted across the country & the world as one of the most positively impactful ways to improve personal health, climate change, environmental damage, sustainability, ocean protection & much more. 

Leading scientists & educational institutions are proving that - if we are searching for a sustainable future - plant-based living is the single greatest act we can take.

VegReg aims at helping individuals find more options & plant-based businesses to thrive, thereby increasing the positive benefits to animals, planet & people.