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Announcing the Launch of A Plant-Based Directory


New North Carolina start-up, VegReg, is connecting the dots on plant-based living by providing a plant based directory.

With the number of vegan, plant-based and veg-curious individuals on continual rise, VegReg aims at supporting regional businesses and connecting individuals with VegReg-certified plant-based eateries, offering a free plant-based directory service to businesses and their future clients.

The team behind VegReg have discovered the benefits of a plant-based diet for themselves - both personally and environmentally. Not content to keep these incredibly positive discoveries to themselves, they have developed VegReg to share this incredibly beneficial lifestyle choice with an expansive audience.

Nutritionists, doctors and leading institutions are increasingly recognizing and praising the benefits of plant-based eating, either as a significant part of a conventional diet or by eliminating animal products entirely. Medical professionals are now seeing that an increasingly vegan diet can reduce cholesterol, diabetes and heart disease, and climate scientists are extolling a plant-based diet as the single greatest act one person can make to benefit the planet. It is also being rapidly adopted by the American public for a host of reasons, including personal health, environmental sustainability, climate change and animal cruelty.

With this in mind, VegReg is inviting plant-based cafes, restaurants and eateries to join the VegReg directory, helping local and visiting individuals to discover their business and vegan offerings.

Commencing with their local Charlotte, NC, community, VegReg will be gradually rolling out the VegReg program across select cities and regions over the coming months, eventually developing a nationwide network of VegReg-accredited eateries.

With the choice of two packages - the free-for-life Seedling package and the highly affordable Sprout package - every eligible business can join the VegReg network.

The Seedling package offers businesses a minimal listing, with their brand logo and website URL listed for free, for life - no contracts and no conditions.

The Sprout package, available for as little as $10 a year*, brings their VegReg listing to life, incorporating a small bio, photos, social media links and more to the VegReg audience.

The beauty of VegReg is twofold:

For users, it provides a constantly growing directory of VegReg-verified plant-based eateries at their fingertips. By visiting the website and typing in their location, they will be presented with an informative catalog of cafes and restaurants nearby.

For business owners, VegReg increases their exposure to their exact target demographic, attracting more customers and increasing revenue. By providing links to their website, this enables businesses to benefit not only from customers dining at their venue but also for online orders and deliveries.

With so many delicious food options now available and with science validating the wide range of benefits from switching to plant-based eating, VegReg brings vegan diners to the food they want to eat and helps plant-based businesses thrive.

Learn more about VegReg at:

Want to win a FREE Year’s membership for your business of choice, plus an exclusive VegReg t-shirt?

Simply visit our social media pages, like a competition post and tag three friends. We’ll be announcing a new winner every month!

Instagram: @vegreg1 | FaceBook: @VegReg1 | Twitter: Reg1Veg

*A limited number of early sign-ups to the VegReg program will receive their first year for just $10. Annual membership normally: $20.

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