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Got questions? We’ve got the answers! Read on to learn more about VegReg, and if you still have questions contact our team at

  • How Much Does VegReg Cost?
    We have made VegReg completely accessible for everyone. For individuals, all of VegReg’s content is 100% free forever. Search for local businesses, browse our recipes, sign up to our monthly newsletter and enjoy all VegReg services for nothing, ever. For businesses , we have two options. We truly believe in your business and the global need for a greater focus on healthy, sustainable living, so we have made the Seedling package. This free-for-life package gives you a presence within the VegReg directory, with logo and basic information. The Sprout Premium package steps up that presence, giving you an extended bio, images and features on our Spotlight page and in our monthly newsletter. Beginning at just $10 for a year, the Sprout package is highly affordable yet far a more effective VegReg business profile.
  • Why Are There Two Sprout Package Prices?
    We want to help people sign up and expand our directory as swiftly as possible, connecting more people with more businesses across the country. The Sprout package is very reasonably priced at $20 per year. However, the first 50 businesses to join in each new area will receive their first year for half price - just $10 for al the amazing Sprout benefits for your first 365 days.
  • How Do I Sign Up?
    It’s so simple: Visit our Homepage Click on the Register / Login button at the top right of the page Fill in your details You are now a member! If you are an individual, you will now receive monthly newsletters, recipes and special offers from our partners. If you are a business owner, you can now register your business. All members - business owners and individuals - will also be able to submit recipes to VegReg.
  • How Do I Register My Business?
    All you need to do is sign up for free. From your account dashboard you will then be invited to add your business and invited to choose one of our two packages. Once you have added your business it will automatically be added to the VegReg Directory.
  • How do I Change My Business Details?
    Easy - simply log into your VegReg account and all business details will be displayed for you to add or edit as you choose.
  • What Should I Include in My Business Profile?
    You will be asked to upload your business logo, location and a brief description. Make your description as punchy as possible. Let the audience know your specialties and what makes you awesome! For Sprout members, you can also upload images and include all your social media links, plus an extended bio. Make your images as beautiful as possible. For eateries, share images that look mouthwateringly delicious. For other businesses and services, include images that best summarize your company and offerings.
  • What if My Business is Already Listed?
    We want to support the plant-based community, so have included a selection of local businesses in each area. If one of these businesses is yours, take a look at your profile, check the details are correct and tap on the Claim Business button. You will then be able to edit details, change your listing and upgrade to a Sprout membership.
  • How Do I List a Business That Isn’t Mine?
    If your favorite plant-based business isn’t yet in the VegReg directory, let us know! Contact us at and tell us the business name. We will reach out to them and get them on board. Alternatively, you can send them a message recommending that they should join the VegReg Revolution. Send them our website and email address and we’ll take care of the rest.
  • Why Should I Submit Recipes?
    Our recipes are shared with our growing audience in newsletters and on our website. We want to promote plant-based living as much as possible, and your delicious recipes are an excellent way to do this. We think this is reason enough! In addition, our recipes provide another way for you to gain more exposure. Perhaps you are a passionate chef and want to gain more Instagram followers, maybe you would like to bring more attention to your business. Whoever you are, by submitting recipes, each one credited to you and linked to your social media or website, you will reach an even wider audience.
  • How Can I Get Involved?
    Do you have ideas for how we can improve VegReg? Do you have the skills to enhance and evolve VegReg? Great! While our team is currently complete, we are always looking to connect with like-minded people and businesses. Drop us an email and let’s talk!
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